Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Project 5 White Onesies ~ Fabric Flower

Last Friday, a friend of mine gave me a 5 pack of plain white Gerber Onesies. I am so excited, because I have had several ideas of things to do with onesies, but never went out to buy them. If you know me, you know I am a pseudo crafter. I'd love to be really creative, but I'm only kinda creative. Since I had the free onesies just handed to me, I have no excuse but to let my creativity come out! So, I decided to share my projects! I figure if I can complete these projects successfully, anyone can!

Project One ~ Fabric Flower

I started this project out by just making the fabric flower using this tutorial. I repurposed one of Tessa's onesies that no longer fits (another side thing I'm trying to do is repurpose some of her old clothes). I actually started this flower planning to make it into a headband decoration with a couple of solid pink flowers. Once I finished it, I changed my mind and decided to sew it onto one of the onesies. I think I'll make a few more flowers for a headband to go with this outfit! They were super easy and fast!

I hand stitched the stem using a loop stitch. (I don't remember the technical name for this stitch.) I just free-handed it. If I do one of these again, I'll draw some sort of line to follow. I ran a simple stitch around the neckline, but the perfectionist in me just couldn't handle any more non-uniform stitches! It looked really cute, but I took it out anyway.

My Muse

Tessa is starting to sit on her own! Way to go Baby Girl!


  1. Krista these are SO cute!! I am sitting at my desk...not working :0trying to figure out how to do a boy version :)

  2. You have one of the most GORGEOUS babies I have ever seen. You are blessed!