Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Little Dancer!

One of Tessa's favorite weekly events is story time at Riverside's Downtown library. We've been to many different story times in San Diego, Sacramento, and Ventura, and this one BY FAR takes the cake! Ms. Gloria is fantastic, they do a lot of singing, chanting, getting up and down, movements, etc. There is one point when every kid gets a rhythm instrument and they all play along to an instrumental song. Tessa loves this part. In fact, I often have to pry the instrument out of Tessa's hand to return it at the end of the song. Today, though, Tessa decided she would rather dance! She handed her maraca off to Cameron, and stood up and danced instead! I only got a portion of it on video, so you can enjoy 17 seconds of my beautiful, creative, rhythmically blessed baby girl dancing!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer in Snapshots ~ Week 1

OK, so I've been terrible about updating both my Facebook and my blog with pictures of what we're up to! I am hoping that joining in on The {Starfish} Blog's Summer in Snapshots linky will keep me motivated to share what we do each week.

June 15 - June 22 (I did Wednesday-Wednesday for some reason!)
Starting with the goat and moving clockwise:
* Petting the goat at the petting zoo at the Woodcrest Library
* Drawing in the backyard ~ Tessa spends most of the day in the backyard, running from one thing to the next, and always stopping to draw for a little while (often in the nude)
* Playing at the park
* Ready for swim lessons!
* Swimming with Daddy
* Playing the drum at library story time
* Feeling a little nervous about the alpaca at the petting zoo
* "Swimming" in the backyard ~ Tessa is in and out of her little pool all day long!
* Playing the maraca at library story time (She got to pick out 2 instruments this week!)
* Playing with Mommy's sunglasses at the park

As you can see, we keep a pretty full schedule! Unfortunately, I have no pictures from Father's Day! I posted a sweet video on Facebook of Tessa in her pool with Ryan blowing bubbles for her. That's all I got from the weekend, though! Hopefully I'll keep my camera out and remember to use it throughout this week!