Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer in Snapshots ~ Week 1

OK, so I've been terrible about updating both my Facebook and my blog with pictures of what we're up to! I am hoping that joining in on The {Starfish} Blog's Summer in Snapshots linky will keep me motivated to share what we do each week.

June 15 - June 22 (I did Wednesday-Wednesday for some reason!)
Starting with the goat and moving clockwise:
* Petting the goat at the petting zoo at the Woodcrest Library
* Drawing in the backyard ~ Tessa spends most of the day in the backyard, running from one thing to the next, and always stopping to draw for a little while (often in the nude)
* Playing at the park
* Ready for swim lessons!
* Swimming with Daddy
* Playing the drum at library story time
* Feeling a little nervous about the alpaca at the petting zoo
* "Swimming" in the backyard ~ Tessa is in and out of her little pool all day long!
* Playing the maraca at library story time (She got to pick out 2 instruments this week!)
* Playing with Mommy's sunglasses at the park

As you can see, we keep a pretty full schedule! Unfortunately, I have no pictures from Father's Day! I posted a sweet video on Facebook of Tessa in her pool with Ryan blowing bubbles for her. That's all I got from the weekend, though! Hopefully I'll keep my camera out and remember to use it throughout this week!

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  1. Hello!! So nice to see another San Diegan on the linky party!! Love the photos and the collage. So cute with the sun covering up her bum :) Thanks so much for linking up!! xoxo Amber