Saturday, December 22, 2007

Childhood Favorite

As a child, this was one of my favorite movies. It also happens to by one of Ryan's favorite Christmas movies as well. I decided to show Babes in Toyland to my students for our Holiday Party on our last day of school. Of course, some of them did not enjoy it the way I do. One thing made it all worth it, though. One of my most energetic kiddos kept running back to where I was sitting to tell me in his broken English how much he LOVED the movie! To see the joy on his little face every time the cast broke into song and dance revived the childhood excitement this movie brought to me. What a privilege it is to watch children grow! My job is such a blessing!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Fresh and Easy!

I have a co-worker who is just the neatest lady. I absolutely love who she is in her heart and aspire to care for my students the way she does her own. Needless to say, when she raves about a new product/show/store/book in the staff lounge, I am eager to listen. She has recently been going on about a new grocery store, Fresh & Easy, in Chula Vista. It is her new favorite. Since I live in "wacky San Diego," we don't have one of these... yet. I was working one of those all-too-common 15 hour work days yesterday and decided to take a break and check out this store. I LOVE IT!! It is like Trader Joe's, but even better!! Literally, when I was describing the store to my hubby, I told him all the food is very fresh and they make the experience so easy!! Of course, as soon as I returned to my classroom, I looked it up online. Good news - this store is infiltrating Southern California!! If you live in any metropolitan area in SoCal, chances are there will soon be a Fresh & Easy near you. One is "Coming Soon" onto Trautwein in Riverside and also to Newberry Park for the Venturans. I've done your homework for you, now you can shop, shop, shop! I know you'll love it, as do Marijke and I!