Friday, August 17, 2007

Sea World Amazement!

This week, I went to Sea World twice. Both times I had amazing and unique experiences. On Tuesday, I went with some of my new family members.
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We had the opportunity to go behind the scenes with one of the Shamu trainers. OH WOW!!
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That was the most amazing time I've ever had at Sea World! I could not keep the smile off my face as I got to meet the orcas and learn about their unique personalities.
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We even had the chance to feed one of the biggest orcas some snowballs! I will never forget that experience.
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A couple of days later, I returned, this time with my husband. We went to my new favorite Sea World show: Cirque de la Mer. AMAZING!!
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I highly recommend this show. Although there are no marine animals, the show is fantastic! Our unique experience, though, did not take place at Cirque de la Mer. It was actually at the Shamu show. Now, those of you who have been to Sea World have seen the Shamu show, I'm sure. It is a great show, but what happened during our specific show time was beyond the normal show. During "Splash Time," Shamu was doing his thing, swimming around the tank and splashing all those in the soak zone. All of a sudden, the beautiful blue tank turned a murky brown. Shamu pooped right then and there, but that did not stop him from splashing! The lucky guests sitting in the rows right in front of us got more than a splash! Whew!
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Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Day at the Racetrack

"Where the surf meets the turf down at old Del Mar... There is a smile on every face and a winner in each race." Bing Crosby's words still ring true. Yesterday, we went down to the races to enjoy one of those perfect San Diego Saturdays. Krista even won enough money to cover what was spent on admission and refreshments! The day ended with a concert by The Cult. One thing we love is good music, so the concert was a great way to cap off our Del Mar experience.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


So, I've never really been the journal-type. I don't really know what to say! Life's good! I'm in love and living in "Marriedville" as my mom says. I guess I'll write more as inspiration hits. We'll see...