Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our Weekend with Daddy

Ryan drove home this weekend, so our time together was shortened, due to the looooong drive. Today was a low key, laid back, family day. Ryan took Tessa out for what has become my favorite part of every weekend - a two hour Daddy~Daughter walk. I look forward to Saturday mornings because Ryan takes Tessa and gives me one or two hours of completely restful, uninterrupted sleep! Plus, he usually comes back with either Starbucks, a doughnut, or a breakfast burrito for me!

Ryan wanted to take his girls out to lunch, so we went to Applebee's for their 2 meals for $20 deal. I enjoyed a skinny margarita with my lunch. It was pretty good! I think the main difference is they probably use sweetener instead of sugar in the margarita mix.
Ryan and Tessa at lunch (I was playing with Picnik tonight!)

Today was the first Chargers game of the season! It's only pre-season, but I was still super excited to kick off Tessa's first football season! Unfortunately, since the game was not sold out, it was blacked out and didn't air until 9:30 pm - way past Tessa's bedtime! Nevertheless, after her bath, we put her in her jammies and the Chargers tutu that I made for her, and took some pictures to mark the occasion. She loved the tutu! She loves experiencing different textures right now, so she loved playing with and trying to eat the tulle.

It's hard to believe how much she's grown since I took the pictures of her in her Padres tutu!

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  1. I love this Lopez Family Blog! What a good Mommy & Wife you are!