Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Museum Day with the Baby Mamas

My Baby Mamas group met up at Balboa Park today for Free Museum Tuesday. Every Tuesday, several museums are free for San Diego County residents, so we decided to take advantage while our babies are easily managed, and not running around like toddlers! Today the San Diego Museum of Art and the Museum of Man were two of the free museums. A group of almost 15 moms met up and enjoyed the fine art our art museum has to offer. There, of course, isn’t stroller parking at the museum, but we arranged a place where we could leave our strollers and wear our babies around the museum. I guess some other moms liked this idea, because when we were leaving, several others had parked their strollers with ours! I wish I had a picture of all the strollers. It was quite a sight!
Tessa napping while I enjoy the art

After the art museum, a bunch of us went to lunch at the courtyard just outside of the museum. We spent several hours chatting and planning more events. San Diego has so much to offer families!

Once everyone went our separate ways to head home, Tessa and I headed to the Museum of Man. She was napping, so I seized the opportunity. I’ve only been to this museum with my third graders, so I was really able to enjoy it in a very different way! They have an exhibit about board games right now. I learned a lot of trivia, but my favorite tidbit was that Chinese Checkers is actually a German game. When it was brought over to the US, they changed the name to make the game sound exotic!
I didn’t get any pictures of the Museum of Man, but here’s a pic from Google images. Isn’t it a beautiful building! Balboa Park always takes my breath away!


  1. Photo #1 You are either

    a)purposely pursuing a plan to purchase a positively purdy pastel painting OR

    2) really reluctant (or relatively ready) to release your revenue OR

    *) cautiously comparing color and composition of cute coin purse to current commercial creation OR

    art.1, sec.g, part iiv) warily wielding wallet at weird wall art.

  2. What a lovely post! :) You baby mamas are beautiful. I think all moms should have a get together like this every now and then.