Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend with the Baby Mamas!

That’s the name of my moms group, The Baby Mamas of San Diego! We had a busy and fun weekend together! Friday was our weekly workout. Gina sure got us sweating! I love incorporating Tessa into my workouts! It makes it all so much more rewarding.

Saturday we had a Meet the Daddies BBQ. It was so fun to hang out as complete families, mom, dad, and baby! There are so many fun moms in our group, and it was great to meet the dads who complete these families.

Sunday afternoon, we went to a musikgarten demo class. It was a great time to sing, move, and play rhythm instruments with Tessa. She seemed to really like it! Unfortunately, I don’t know if we’ll sign up for the classes. We are going to be busy almost every Sunday in September, and the classes are on Sunday afternoons. Plus, because I'm staying home this year, we can't afford to do everything. It’s hard to choose what to do with Tessa because I want her to experience everything! This will probably have to be one of those things we have to pass on, though.

Sunday night, Tessa and I drove up to my mom and dad’s. Robbie and Cameron started school today and my parents hold a Back to School dinner for the boys every year. Usually I’m already back to work, but this year Tessa and I were finally able to join in the fun!

Cameron started third grade, and I’m super excited about that! Of course that is my favorite grade level! I hope to be able to spend some time with him throughout the year, tutoring as needed, and encouraging him along the way!

Robbie started sixth grade today!! I can’t believe he is already in sixth grade! He is really growing up to be a fantastic kid, and smart, too! He takes after his Aunt Krista!

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