Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Movie Day

Tessa and I had another really busy day! I like to keep busy because I feel like Tessa has more learning opportunities when we go out, and I really like for her to spend a little time with people other than just Mommy! This morning, I had an appointment with my new doctor’s office. I was pretty impressed. The time it took Tessa and I to leave our apartment to the time we were back on the road, headed home was only 45 minutes! And we stopped at Starbucks during that time! If today’s visit was any indication of how efficient my new health care team is, I’ll be very happy!

When we got home, Bethany was still here. A family friend is in the hospital in Escondido, so Bethany stayed over last night. (Hence the stop at Starbucks!) Tessa loves her Aunt Bee, so when Bethany left, Tessa was really excited and not ready for a nap AT ALL! She and I played for awhile, and she is loving tummy time so much nowadays, so I wanted to shoot a video for Ryan. As soon as I turned on the camera, Tessa decided to roll over, so, here’s the video I got:

She’s growing so quickly! **I'm having trouble uploading the video, so if it gives an error message, sorry!

This afternoon, my Baby Mamas group met up in Carmel Mountain to see Eat, Pray, Love. It was a pretty good movie, but I heard that the book is way better. No surprise there. When is the book NOT way better! After the movie, a few of us walked over to Dairy Queen. I haven’t been to a DQ in so long! I don’t even remember the last time! Maybe 8 or 9 years ago? Tessa was pretty tired by then, but that didn’t stop us from an impromptu photo shoot! This is the only shot Ashley (our resident photographer) got of T, because she was not her smiley self. Look at her sitting up so well! That is a big-girl high chair that she’s sitting in!

Tomorrow we were invited to a play group at the beach. I’m still deciding if I want to take Tessa. I kinda would like Ryan to be with us the first time we go to the beach. Maybe we can go as a family on Friday or Saturday. We’ll see.

On Monday, I mentioned that Tessa wore her party dress for Scotland’s birth day, but realized the picture I posted didn’t show her adorable dress at all! Here are a couple of shots of Tessa in her party dress playing on her Boppy:

Ryan comes home tomorrow night! Yea! He has two very excited ladies waiting for him!!

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