Friday, September 10, 2010

Road Trip ~ Part 1

Last Wednesday, Tessa and I hit the road for her first long road trip! We drove up to Ventura Wednesday night, late, so Tessa slept the entire way. Yea for a nice smooth drive through Los Angeles! On Thursday, we finally went to meet our newest family member, little Scotland! He is a doll! I can’t believe Tessa was that small just 4 ½ months ago! That evening, we drove out to Magic Mountain to pick up Daddy for Labor Day weekend! Yea!
We had a pretty low key weekend. Ryan's Mom was away, so we had her house to ourselves (plus Pura Vida (cat) and Teddy (dog)).

Tessa loved the animals! She kept grabbing their fur. I was able to quickly protect the poor, unsuspecting animals from Tessa's yank! She is one strong little lady, and I don't think the dog or cat would be as forgiving as Mommy is when her hair is pulled!

We spent time with Papa and Karie on Friday. Molli and Scotland came up to Ventura on Saturday, so Ryan was finally able to meet his new little nephew. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pics of Ryan or Tessa with Scottie! I only have some with me!

Look how well Tessa is sitting now!

Saturday night was Brandon’s birthday dinner (a cousin on the Lopez side of the fam.) We had a great time at the pizza parlor. Tessa was in a great mood and played with her aunties, uncles, and cousins with hardly any fussing!
Tessa with her Lopez cousins

On Sunday, Ryan, Tessa, and I went up to Ronnie and Mia’s for BBQ and pool time. Their daughter is 10 months older than Tessa, so it was nice to spend time in a home that is baby proofed and a hot tub (warm tub) that is kept at 90 degrees!

Monday was the first long leg of our road trip. Ryan, Tessa, and I drove to Sacramento. It’s about 6 hours from Ventura. I was pretty nervous, because I’ve had short drives from Riverside to San Diego that take 2-3 hours due to a certain unhappy, screaming passenger! Tessa was fantastic on this trip! She fussed a little, but I was able to keep her entertained most of the time! Hooray!

I just realized how long this post will end up if I write about the entire week, so I’ll just leave you with Labor Day weekend for now. I’ll write more about our trip soon. Let me just say that Tessa and I are so happy to be spending so much time with Ryan!

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