Sunday, September 26, 2010

Project 5 White Onesies ~ It's Gameday!

Ryan, Tessa, and I were invited to a diaper shower that takes place during a Chargers game. The hosts requested that we all wear our Chargers gear to cheer on the team as we celebrate the coming of their new baby girl! Tessa has some official Chargers clothes from grandparents and cousins, but it is all pretty much too big. It’s set aside for postseason and the Superbowl!! So, I quickly whipped up this appliquéd lightning bolt onesie for today’s party! I think it turned out to be really cute!!

I was a little concerned about the thickness of felt, so I appliquéd the blue bolt onto the onesie, and the white and yellow bolts together. Then I put them all together. I put the SD on her back to finish the look! For accessories, I cut a pair of her Chargers socks that no longer fit and used them as wrist bands. Her HUGE yellow bow tops off the outfit perfectly! Plus people will know she’s a girl with this big of a bow in her hair!

I am very pleased with the final result! We’ll see how it looks after being washed. I think I’ll probably hand wash.

Tomorrow is Tessa’s half birthday! I’ve already finished her onesie for the occasion! Tomorrow’s post will be a combo 6 month update and Project Five White Onesies post!

**When I was at MOPS last week, I was able to pick up 4 more plain white onesies! Now that I’m addicted to appliqué, I know the projects are going to keep on coming!**

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