Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hummus Monster!

I gave Tessa zucchini and water for the first time today. I found a couple of sippy cups at Target for 89 cents each, and tried giving her water with and without the sippy lid. She preferred the sippy lid because she liked chewing on it. She didn’t drink any water, though! Without the lid, I had to help her tilt the cup so she could sip the water. I don’t think she liked it much! More water ended up on her tray and on the ground than in her mouth!

The zucchini was a hit! It took a while for her to come around to it, but once she did, she really seemed to enjoy putting it in her mouth and taking it out, over and over. I gave her some of my homemade (very mild) roasted red pepper hummus to go along with the zucchini. She really loved that! It got everywhere! She looked like a hummus monster by the time she finished eating, so it was straight to the bath tub! All in all, I think zucchini was a successful first food!

Licking the tray

Hummus EVERYWHERE! Even on her forehead!

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