Friday, October 1, 2010

Project 5 White Onesies ~ Breast Cancer Aware

Last night, after Tessa went to bed, I intended to finish her Autumn onesie. Instead, when reading my e-mail, I learned that MOPS is having Breast Cancer Awareness Day on Tuesday. I changed my mind and made her this Breast Cancer Aware onesie. I used a pair of her old pajamas for the ribbon. I cut to just under the ruffle and appliquéd the underneath part so the ruffle is not flat on the onesie. I used the center of the ribbon to cut out the heart on the sleeve. I then decided to use some leftover pink polka dotted ribbon to make the bow. I think it turned out to be pretty cute! I still want to add a little something to it, but I’m not sure what. I brought my supplies up to my mom’s to see if she can help me figure out what else to do. Maybe something with the collar, or something on the back. We’ll see!

If you notice the arrow in the second picture, that photo is the first one I took of Ryan and me on our very first date September 8, 2001! He framed it way back then and has moved it to every new place he lived over the past 9 years. I think it is now stuck to the glass! I love the fact that we have a picture from our first date!

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