Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lil' Mover and Shaker

Tessa is really moving around so much these days! When I told her in September that my goal for her was to crawl by Halloween, I was joking, but she must have taken me seriously! Look at that baby girl move! She is getting really close to crawling! She also started pulling herself up yesterday! I would have taken a picture and/or video, but it completely freaked me out, so I ran to "rescue" her instead! First, she stood up in her co-sleeper...time to move her out of there! Then she stood up when I had her in the driver's seat of the car, holding onto the steering wheel. She hasn't found a safe place to pull herself up yet, but when she does, I'll do my best to capture the moment!


  1. I'm wondering if your mommy, who never once let you win a game of Candyland, is watching this shouting, "GIVE HER THAT ZEBRA RIGHT NOW!"