Friday, December 3, 2010

~Snapshots of Life~ Thursday, 7:00 AM

My mom and I put up her Christmas tree on Wednesday night after Tessa went to bed. I love decorating for Christmas and don't usually get to because I live in such a small apartment. Plus, Ryan and I travel to visit relatives throughout the holidays, so we aren't home often enough to really enjoy the decor. So, I was excited to get to help my mom decorate her home this year! When Tessa got up Thursday morning, I turned on the Christmas tree lights and showed her our tree! We looked at some of our special ornaments and I showed her the ones her aunties and I made when we were little. You can see the angel I made in Kindergarten in this picture!

I am so excited to share this Christmas with Tessa! I want to make it a special season full of warm memories for Ryan and me, and begin new traditions with our little family!


  1. That is a sweet photo to remember this Christmas by!

  2. very cute xD
    I came across your blog, it's nicely written! Feel free to check mine out if you want. Maybe we can follow one another? :)