Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Handmade Ornament Exchange

This year I participated in a Handmade Christmas Ornament Exchange over at Then Heather Said! We could make up to 5 ornaments and receive that same number in return. The ship-by date is tomorrow, and mine are sitting in the car, waiting to go to the Post Office tomorrow morning! (We went tonight, but I looked up the hours to the wrong PO, and our local one was closed when we got there.)

These ornaments were so fun and easy! I just cut out matching pieces of felt, decorated with buttons/beads, blanket stitched around the outer edge, and stuffed with batting! I actually have only made 3 of each so far. I was assigned my mom and sister as two of my recipients, so they'll get their ornaments when I go up to Riverside next week!

I was going to wait to post about this exchange until I've received my ornaments, but I wanted to link up to We Did It! Wednesday at Sew Much Ado. That way, if anyone needs last minute ornament ideas, here's an easy and quick one!


  1. Your ornaments are very cute, you did a great job!

  2. these are FABULOUS, and they are hanging on my tree right now!! :) I was one of your lucky recipients!


  3. What an adorable little girl!!!! OMG!!