Monday, December 27, 2010

Nine Months!

Tessa Bear, you are nine months old now! Time is flying by! We had a wonderful first Christmas with you this year!

You are growing so quickly and learning new things every day! I can hardly keep up with you. Here’s what you’ve been up to this month:

• You are our petite little girl. You weigh 17 lbs, 1 oz and are 26 ½ inches long.
• You wear size 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
• You started sleeping in your own room this month. It was really hard on me at first, but now Daddy and I kinda like having our room to ourselves again! You are a really good sleeper and only wake up once during the night. You sleep for 11 hours at night and take 2 naps during the day!
• You are such a good eater. You have liked everything I’ve given you, with the exception of cottage cheese, blueberries, and rottini. Your favorites are chicken, toast, and strawberries! You also love to drink water.
• You talk a lot! Dada, Mama, and baba are most common. You also talk while you eat! You are so social, just like your daddy!
• Your hair is really starting to grow in and your little mohawk is almost gone!

• You are finally officially up on your knees crawling and get around so quickly!
• You pull yourself up on everything, even if you are still stooped over! You love to stand!

• You try to stand independently and walk on your own, which resulted in a big booboo on your little nose.

• You sign “milk” and respond to a couple other signs – more, play, all done, and we’re working on water.
• You are a pretty good traveler again, which is a good thing because you and I spend a lot of time on the road visiting relatives!

• You are a music fanatic! You bob your little head anytime you hear a tune. I bought you a piano and you absolutely LOVE it! Daddy, Nauni, and I took you to your first concert this month. We saw Hullabaloo, and you got to play the maraca and wave your little scarf around to the beat!

• You took your first bus ride this month from a downtown parking lot to Balboa Park.
• You have started to wave at your favorite people, which delights us all!
• You love to play with your big cousins and act like such a grown up girl when they’re around!

• You did a great job opening presents this Christmas! I'm not surprised! You love to try and play with paper all the time!

Here's a comparison of your first 9 months. Look how much you've grown!


  1. She's beautiful!! Hoping God blesses you and your home even more this next year!

  2. She really is a beautiful girl. I love her eyes too!