Monday, November 29, 2010

Eight Months!

Wow! Eight months already! I remember when you were eight weeks and I accidentally said you were eight months old. I laughed at the idea of having such an old daughter, and now you are there! I am watching you sleep in your swing as I write this post, and I couldn’t love you more if I tried! This has been a busy month for you! Here’s what you’ve been up to:
• You are constantly on the move. I have to follow you around to see what needs to be baby-proofed around the house! Your crawling has become very good and you move so quickly now! You are up on your knees, rocking, but still not crawling on your knees.
• You have become a yoga baby and practice Downward Facing Dog all the time, even in your sleep! It’s as though you want to skip your knees and go straight to moving around on your feet.
• You love music. You like to dance all the time and love playing with musical instruments!

• You are such a talker now! You started saying ba-ba, blah-blah, DA-DA and MA-MA!!! You don’t connect the words to us yet, but I know in your heart you are saying, “I love you Mommy and Daddy!”
• Sometimes you nap really well. Other times, we resort to the swing, like today. I’m glad you still fit and will fall asleep there! This weekend you borrowed your cousin’s swing and figured out how to swing yourself! You got that thing swinging so fast!
• You have also started swinging in the big kid swings at the park!

• You are very strong. You can pull yourself up from laying to sitting if you have something to pull on, like a blanket or sheets!
• You got to play in a baby bounce house this month and had such a great time! You were the last one out!

• You want to stand all the time! I have to bend your legs while you’re still in my arms and trick you into sitting, and that often doesn’t work anymore! You also are taking practice steps! You really want to stand on your own, but keep falling every time you try. Keep practicing, and you’ll be a good stander very soon!
• Your Mohawk has become more pronounced and everywhere we go, people comment on it. It’s a good thing you are so cute!

• You had your first casting call for baby modeling this month! Daddy and I aren’t sure how long we will have you model, but as long as you keep up your big smiles and love for the camera, we’ll keep building up your college fund!

• You love pillows! You’ll crawl over to pillows and rest your head whenever one is in sight!
• You met Santa this month! You weren’t quite sure what to think of him, but at least he didn’t make you cry!

• You are a smiley girl! You smile all day long and smile at every one you meet. I think you got your dad’s outgoing friendliness!

I love you more than life itself sweet Tessa girl. I am so excited to share Christmas with you and show you all the lights and sparkles that come with this season! Your daddy and I are the luckiest two parents to have the sweetest, most clever, spunkiest, cuddliest baby girl!

*These monthly photo shoots are getting harder and harder as Tessa moves around more and more! Here's a peek into our photo shoot this morning:

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  1. Okay - this may seem strange but I am in love with your little girl! Her eyes are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. She is truly the cutest baby ever. She's adorable! And I love the onesies that you make!