Monday, November 1, 2010

The Not-So-Scary Baby Halloween Party

We celebrated Tessa’s first Halloween with the Baby Mamas at a Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. One of the families opened up their beautiful home on Mt. Soledad, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We had 45 parents RSVP, so you can just imagine the crowd ~ lots of babies! Little T wore her Boo! Onesie most of the day because it was pretty warm out. I put her in her costume for the group picture, though! Not surprisingly, during the group photo shoot, a couple of babies started crying, which caused a chain reaction. As a result, we only got about half of the babies in our group shot. It’s still pretty cute! I had to patchwork it together, but you get the idea!

I brought raw veggies for my appetizer. Here is what I planned to bring:

I left the trays at home, though, so it just ended up being a plate full of carrots and yellow peppers with ranch dressing. Nobody seemed to mind, though. Most people brought desserts, so I think everyone was just glad to eat something without sugar!
I’m already looking forward to next year’s Halloween! This holiday is truly all about the kids!

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