Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pool Time!

Today I was supposed to take Tessa for a play date with my small group at one of the girl's condo pools. Well, it wasn't even 70 degrees here today, so I canceled that for Tessa and I. I was pretty bummed because I have been looking forward to taking her in the pool for weeks, and this was going to be our first opportunity! Who would have thought it would be so cold on July 1st!
I didn't give up, though. I knew it had to be warmer in East County, so I called up the Kilbrides to see if they were around. Nobody loves a good pool day like the Kilbride boys! Sky was home, so Tessa and I headed over there for a few hours! I used the water wrap, which worked well. Tessa didn't like the water that well, so I'm glad I had her wrapped up against me. We slowly lowered ourselves in and I waded around, trying to stay in the shade as much as possible.
Even though Tessa didn't love the pool, we're going back tomorrow, when Ryan is home, so he can swim with her, too! I know she's going to eventually love the pool, it's only a matter of time!
Here are the smallest pair of swim diapers on the market. They were HUGE on her! She sure looks cute in her swimsuit, though!

Ryan loves Tessa! He was so excited to have her over!

Swimming with Mommy and Ryan

Hanging out on the step

Tessa and the boys

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  1. Tessa is too cute and the water wrap is such a great idea. Hopefully the more time you spend in the pool, the more that she will like it.

    Have a Happy 4th of July weekend!