Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend

Once again, in typical Lopez Family fashion, Ryan and I had a packed weekend! Ryan flew home on Friday morning, and we drove over to Ocean Beach for breakfast burritos and to take Tessa by the beach! We didn't stay very long, but it was nice to walk around our old neighborhood and talk to old friends!

Later that day we went back to the Kilbrides' to swim and BBQ. We took Tessa in the spa this time, and she enjoyed it much more than the pool. In fact, she fell asleep in my arms while we were in the spa!

On Saturday, we went to the Padres game. We had a great time, and the Padres won, which made it even better! The only bummer was that it was beach towel night, but I guess 25,000 people got to the park before we did, because all the towels were gone by the time we got there.

Sunday, the Fourth of July, was a pretty mellow day. This is my favorite holiday! I love how patriotic everyone is with all the red, white, and blue. I love BBQs and fireworks! It is such a fun holiday! I started off the day at the gym. (Sundays are the only day I get to go to the gym right now, so I try to make it every week.) Later, Bethany came down and we made our traditional Fourth of July dessert ~ this is now a two year long tradition!
Last year's flag fruit pizza and this year's star fruit pizza!

We all headed over to our friends, the Elliots' house for more BBQ and fireworks. It was fun to see everyone and for them to all meet Tessa! She looked so cute in her little Fourth of July outfit! (I dressed her in the same outfit I took her 3 month pics in. It is just too cute!!)

Tessa took a really good nap while we all hung out, but woke up before the firework show, so I took her outside to see the fireworks with everyone. I thought she'd be scared or nervous because of the loud booms, but she did very well! She actually fell asleep half way through the show!

Ryan had Monday off, so we just spent the day relaxing at home before his flight. We got Tessa's size 3-6 month clothes out of storage. They are still too big, but I think they'll start fitting soon! The pjs already fit, since she is such a long girl! It was nice to have Ryan home for that extra day. I just dropped him off at the airport a few hours ago, and I already miss him! Can't wait to see him on Thursday night and celebrate our anniversary on Friday!!
This baby girl loves her daddy!

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