Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Moms, New Babies

While I was pregnant, I had the opportunity to be on PregTASTIC podcasts. You all know how much I loved that! Well, I've now graduated to New Moms, New Babies! This podcast is full of information for new moms, just as the name suggests. Because we are a group of new moms, we don't have the time and convenience we had while preggos, so we record on a semi-monthly basis, record multiple shows at a time, and the shows are about half the length of a PregTASTIC show.

Back in May, when Tessa was just over a month old, I went in to record three shows. Two of the three have finally posted to and are available on iTunes! I'm so glad because I've been referring to them for two months, and now everyone can hear what I've been talking about!

The first episode we recorded was about co-sleeping, more specifically bed-sharing. Ryan and I have a co-sleeper bassinet, but we don't bed-share very often. In fact, this past weekend, we were in Ventura and I didn't bring Tessa's travel bassinet, so we had to bed-share. It was not easy for us, and I think the only one who slept well was Tessa! I know a lot of people bed-share successfully and love it for their family. If you are one of those people, or would like to be one, listen to this podcast. It has some really important information!

The second episode we recorded was about baby-led weaning. This topic was really exciting to me! I actually ordered Gill Rapley's book and have been reading it, even though Tessa is still about 3 months away from solid food! I highly recommend listening to this podcast, and even buying the book, if the topic interests you! There is a link on the New Moms, New Babies website that will take you to Amazon, and a portion of your purchase goes back to support NMNB and PregTASTIC! Anyway, as I mentioned, I'm excited about baby-led weaning, I think I'll have to do an entire post about it! I've actually thought about starting another blog specifically dedicated to our adventures with BLW when we get to that point in Tessa's life. Although I have a hard enough time posting on this blog, I doubt I'd have time for a second blog! I was talking to Tessa's Great-Great Aunt Joanie about BLW this past weekend, and she said it is very similar to how her mother and grandmother did things! It's nothing new, in fact, it's more like going back to the way things were done before people changed everything!

The third topic we recorded was about colic and acid reflux in infants. It was also a really good episode, and I just loved our expert! I'll try to post a link to that when it is up on NMNB's website for any moms struggling with that!

And finally, I have to post an adorable picture of Tessa, just to make this blog worth your while!

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