Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Four Months!

Tessa, you are already four months old! This has been a big month for you! You are growing so quickly! We have your doctor’s appointment on Friday, so I’ll post your specs in a few days. Here’s what you’ve been up to this month:

• You are starting to outgrow your 0-3 clothes, but still fit into most. You have to wear 3-6 jammies because you are a long lady! You wear a size 1 diaper still, but I think we’re about a week or two away from size 2.

• You discovered your voice! You talk all the time, often shouting! You also like to “sing” along with others whether it be the radio or worship songs at church.
• You went swimming for the first time! You didn’t like the pool much, but you loved the spa! It was warm, and you loved the bubbles.

• You love to grab objects to taste or lick them. You even grab Mommy’s and Daddy’s faces to give kisses!
• You have learned to scoot around by using your lower abs and lifting your rear. When I get you out of your bassinet, you are often sideways with your legs up the side!
• You are transferring toys from one hand to the other, and playing with toys in both hands at the same time.

• When I sing to you or give you a kiss attack, you just laugh and laugh!
• You “help” me change your diaper by lifting your bottom for me.

• We video chat with Daddy up in Sacramento. You get so excited to see him on the computer and lunge toward the screen!
• We went to the beach for the first time. We went to OB and La Jolla a few times, but didn’t go onto the sand until last week when we went to San Elijo. It was so cold, though, that we stayed bundled up the whole time.

• You don’t roll over a lot, but when you do, you work so hard to do it! You are almost there!
• You love to stand with me holding your hands. During yoga, you stand on my belly and look so proud!
• I let you taste hummus. You did NOT like it at all! It was pretty spicy hummus!

Look how much you've grown!

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  1. She is so beautiful! They grow so quickly. Savor every moment!