Saturday, December 5, 2009

Misunderstood Christmas Songs

I am known for mishearing, mis-singing, and misunderstanding lyrics. Country folk always seem to meet at the County Jail instead of the County Fair in my versions. Hey Rodrigo is the greeting at the beginning of "Brown-Eyed Girl." I consider this part of my charm!
Well, this non-talent of mine extends to the holidays. I learned last Christmas that in the song "It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas," Bing is talking about some sort of store when he tells us to take a look at the Five and Ten. For the past 31 Christmases, I thought he meant to look at how crowded the 5 and 10 interstates were, driving through Los Angeles! It was nice to think about all the people traveling to visit family!
This is what the 5-10-60-101 interchange looks like for those unfamiliar with LA freeways. Now you may understand why I thought Bing was talking about crowded LA highways!

So, Happy Holidays, and enjoy the Christmas music, no matter what the lyrics mean to you!

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