Friday, August 15, 2008

You are my Sunshine

This is my sweet nephew, Cameron. I have been lauding the glories of The Fantastic Mr. Robbie for 9 years, but today I'm going to share about my sweet little Cambo. This is one unique child. I've never met anyone quite like him, and I've met many, many children! He laughs easily, but only if he truly believes something is funny. He takes joy in reading stories, cooking special recipes with extra "Love" spice, playing music, and knows that he is very, very smart. I love this boy!


  1. At Sarah's house there is an automatic "Sugar of Love" dispenser so we never forget to add it to whatever we are cooking. Cam doesn't want to miss out on some "Sugar of Love."

  2. He's very sweet. Alanna fell in love with him at the wedding. :)

    when do you start school?

  3. I go back August 26, but the kids don't come back until after Labor Day.