Wednesday, August 20, 2008

America's Finest City/Triple Crown

I did it! I completed my third half marathon for 2008! See my special medal! What an accomplishment! I am still amazed that I went through with it. It all started a year ago when I decided to train for ONE half marathon. When I registered for the Carlsbad Half, there was an option to run the Triple Crown. I checked the box, just in case... After Carlsbad, I decided to train for the Rock 'N Roll Marathon. Part of the training schedule included the La Jolla Half - the second of the three half marathons for the Triple Crown. How convenient! Now, this last one, America's Finest City, I must admit, was not easy to commit to. I didn't train well (at all!) and I didn't really want to be in San Diego that weekend, but I convinced my mom to come down and cheer me through the finish line. I am so glad I ran this final race and reached my goal! Thank you to all who cheered me on. I don't think I would have enjoyed it if it hadn't been for your encouragement. I would have still done it, just not enjoyed it! Here are a couple of pics:

Self portrait at Mile 10 with the bay in the background

Running by the Star of India

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