Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rosette Frames

One of the blogs I LOVE is Ucreate. It is full of tutorials for some really cute crafts! Every month they host a "Create With Me" craft for readers to try and then they post pictures of the final projects. I've been wanting to craft along with them, and finally was able to (and was brave enough!) to try this month's project. It was so easy and cute that made two frames! I bought these plain wooden frames at Michael's for $1 each! The first I painted with a mix of black and silver paint. I used shimmery pink ribbon for the rosette. Super easy! The second, I painted with Warm White, and only painted one coat to make it look kind of cottage-y (at least that's the style I pictured in my mind!). I used some fun scrap fabric to make the rosettes. I kind of want to try to embellish them a little more, but haven't decided how yet. The picture in the white frame is from when Tessa was 17 days old! I used to not like it very much because she had her Soothie in her mouth, but now I just love it! She was so small and precious!

And, one more picture of Tessa...

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