Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yoga Baby

Tessa and I went to our first Mommy and Me yoga class this evening. It felt pretty good to be back in a yoga class, but it was not easy to focus on my poses with my adorable, cuddly T Bear right there! There were only three of us moms and three babies in the class, so I got a lot of personal instruction. I know it was needed, but not necessarily wanted. Yoga is easier if I'm doing it MY way! Tessa slept in the beginning, but quickly woke up, so I got to do some yoga with her! She really liked some of it and laughed and smiled with me! She also had some cranky time. You know how when one baby cries, the others around start to cry as well? That's what seemed to happen today. Little Kai was fussing, which got Tessa started, and even Serenity joined in for a bit (which is not typical of Serenity! She definitely fits her name and is usually really calm and happy!). I'm looking forward to more classes, and hopefully more moms and babies joining in!

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