Sunday, June 27, 2010

Three Months ~ Already!!

Three months! We can’t believe it! You’ve been busy this month and are growing so quickly! You weigh 12 ½ pounds and measure 24 ½ inches in length.
• You slept all the way through the night!! (Only twice, but it was great!)
• You started reaching for Mommy when you want to be picked up or nursed! You also started reaching for toys this month.
• You started holding objects in your hands.
• You had your first babysitter. I had to pack up my classroom, so we hired a babysitter to play with you at school while I worked.
• I took you to your first movie ~ Sex and the City 2

• You made your first funny face for the camera! If you are anything like your Daddy, there will be many more funny faces to come!

• I took you to church for the first time this month.

• You rolled from your back to your front! It has only happened once, but I am so proud of how hard you try new skills!
• Daddy left to work in Sacramento this month, so you have a picture of him on the back seat for you to look at while we drive. You like to “talk” to him when we’re in the car!

• Grammie and I finally got your room decorated!

• You started responding to your name!
• When I hold you in a reclined position, you pull yourself upright into a sitting position. You also like to sit in your Bumbo. Your neck is getting so strong!

• You pat or pet me while you’re nursing. It warms my heart!

Look how much you've grown since you were only one month old!

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