Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My First Mother's Day

I didn't get any pictures of me with Tessa in Ventura! So, these are of us after a long day and a three hour drive. Not the best, but I HAD to have a picture of us on our first Mother's Day!

What a wonderful day! Ryan and I drove up to Ventura as a last minute thing on Saturday evening. Tessa is such a good traveler, which is a good thing, since Mommy loves to travel!!
Mother's Day morning, Naunie (Laura) and I took Tessa for a walk to Starbucks. When we got back, Ryan took over while I was able to shower and actually do my hair and make up! We headed over to Papa's for Mother's Day brunch, prepared by Aunt Molli and Papa Greg. Delish!
Tessa got to meet LOTS of people that day: Great Uncle Tootie, Great Aunt Susan, Great Uncle Beeze, Tyhler, Kari, Lisa, Ronnie, Mia, and her new cousin Adriana!
Get ready for picture overload!!

Tessa with Daddy and Papa (Ryan's grandfather)

Tessa with the Lopez Family ~ Ronnie, Mia, and their daughter Adriana

Tessa and Ronnie

Tessa and Mia

I love this picture of Ryan, Ronnie, and their daughters. I can just imagine the conversations Tessa and Adriana are going to have in 20 or 30 years about this picture!

Tessa and Tyhler (Ryan's cousin)

Tessa and Aunt Susan

Tessa and Uncle Toot ~ Tessa had to show Uncle Toot that she's giving him a run for his money by tooting for him!

It was a busy day for our little one, but spending time with family was a great way to celebrate my first Mother's Day!

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  1. So beautiful!! CONGRATS mama!!! OOoh, I had my first too but it wasn't the same ya know? I can't wait to hold my little girl!

    Love the photo of the baby-wearing papa! too cute!!

    Oh, I need your email addy so I can get your prize certificate to you from PassionSpice! Congrats, you won! :D