Thursday, March 18, 2010

Almost done!

The baby's still cooking, but she's getting ready to arrive soon! 10 days until her due date! I've had very few signs (like, none) of labor, so I think she's going to take her time. Tomorrow is my last day at work! HOORAY!! I'll be so happy to sleep in, take naps all throughout the day, and enjoy my last few days of real rest before our little one arrives. Life is good in the Lopez household, but we still haven't signed up for internet or cable, so if electronic response time is slow and updates are few and far between, that's why!

My sister came down for a short visit last weekend! It was so nice to have her come by! It was a 3-day weekend for me (we got Cesar Chavez Day off this year!) and I had rested all day Friday and Saturday, so when she came down on Sunday, I was ready to enjoy the beautiful San Diego day! We went down to Pacific Beach and walked down the boardwalk and Crystal Pier. It was really a perfect day for a nice walk and interesting people watching! Here's a picture of us at the end of the pier. If you look over Sarah's shoulder, you can see the great blue Pacific! It is a cell phone pic she took of the two of us, so it's as good as one can expect!

Now that school's almost out for Spring Break (and the rest of the year for me!!!) I'll try to update more often. You can for sure expect pictures once the baby's here, even if my mom or one of my sisters posts them for me...

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