Thursday, March 4, 2010

24 Days and Counting Down!

We're coming to an end, and an even more important beginning very soon! I'm finally (already!) in my ninth month! Everything is still going well. I met with my midwife yesterday and had my 36 week sonogram. We only got one picture, but she's so big and crammed in my belly, it was really hard to tell what was what!

In the meantime, Ryan has built the crib, which is so adorable! I go into the baby's room everyday just to look at the crib and imagine what life will be like next month! We have almost everything we need before the baby comes. We still need our car seat, so the hospital will let us take her home! I'm actually in a rental car right now from my accident in January, so we couldn't install even if we had the car seat.

The most exciting news is that I found out this week I'll be able to take the rest of the school year off! HIP HIP HOORAY!! Now I just have to select a long-term sub to take care of my babies while I take care of MY BABY!! As of tonight, I only have 10 teaching days left! (Hopefully not forever. If you know the California budget and its lack of funding for education, you won't be surprised to hear I'm being pink slipped again this year.)

I have a bunch of new pictures, but they're on my other laptop, so I'm going to share a few I took from Ashley's blog. She's a professional photographer who is in my maternity group, so she has lots of pics! Me, I'm not so great with a camera and have to rely on others! Ryan insists I change this bad habit of carrying a camera and never taking pictures before the baby's here!

We went to a Meet-Up with my maternity group to learn about cloth diapering. This pic is of most of "the regulars" in our group. Look at those big bellies in the front row!

Here are Ryan, Frank, Rachel, and I toasting the babies. Rachel is due one week before me, but I think her little guy may come early, and I hope our little one comes a few days late!

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