Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Twelve Months!

Tessa, I can't believe you are one year old. You are the most incredible little girl, and your dad and I are so proud to be your parents! You have changed our lives in the most spectacular way. I look forward to getting to know you even better this second year, as you continue to grow and blossom as a beautiful little girl! Happy birthday my sweet love!

I had to add this picture, too. It is just too cute!
At twelve months:
• You weigh 19 pounds and are 28 inches tall. You wear 9 and 12 month clothes (although you still fit some of your 6 month clothes!)
• You added the word “dog” to your vocabulary! I’m not surprised. You have always loved dogs!
• New foods you tried this month include salmon and tuna. You loved both!

• You aren’t walking on your own still, but you push objects around, walking behind them. You also run and skip while holding onto my fingers! You took two steps from Grammie to me, and your doctor said once you take 3 steps on your own, we’ll count it as walking!

• You smile, wave, clap, and laugh all the time! You have the most delightful personality!
• You LOVE music and dancing! Anytime you hear a little tune, you stop what you’re doing to start dancing!

• You started blowing kisses! I love this!
• You love Cali, Grammie and Baba’s dog. You follow her around the house, trying to pat her. She usually tries to avoid you, though!

• We go to the park all the time now. As soon as you see the jungle gym and swing set, you squeal with excitement!

• You love other kids. You like to hold hands and rub friends on the back.
• You went to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time. You had so much fun, but didn’t like Chuck E. very much!

• You went to Sunday School for the first time. You were kind of shy, but didn’t cry until the end, when Daddy came to pick you up and you thought he was going to leave again.
• You had your first professional modeling shoot this month. Daddy and I were so proud of you, sitting with the photographer and crew, charming them all!

• This has been the most amazing year of my life, Tessa. You grow and learn so much every single day. Daddy and I are so blessed to be with you as you grow!

Look how much you have grown! I am so glad we took your monthly pictures. I love looking back to see how much you've changed!

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  1. Wow!!Fabulous pictures..your baby looks adorable..Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful moments with us.