Thursday, March 24, 2011

First Birthday Party ~ San Diego Edition

We are celebrating Tessa’s first birthday three times this year! Her first party was in San Diego last weekend. One of the moms groups we spent most of her first year with (and a good portion of my pregnancy!) had a March babies’ birthday party on Saturday! It was so fun to see everyone and spend some time together! Of course, the stage where Tessa is right now is very busy, so I spent most of the day walking with her around the park, swinging, climbing, etc!

One of the girls made healthy cupcakes for all the babies out of banana, applesauce, and tofu frosting! We lined them all up for a picture, which is never easy! Tessa just licked her cupcake for the first 20 minutes before she finally took a bite! Then, she carried it around for about an hour and only took two bites! I finally threw it away, amongst tears from the birthday girl, but it was starting to get slimy and all over her party dress!

I made Tessa this adorable hat, and one of the moms made a few hats for the other babies. They all looked so cute, but if you know 1 year olds, you probably already could guess, none of the hats stayed on for long!

After cupcakes, we sat the babies together on the grass for another “fun” group picture. This was disastrous! Once we sat the babies down and ran out of the way for the picture, all the babies started crying! My sister, Bethany, came to the party and was taking pictures for me. She said it was the funniest scene to see all these moms running away from their screaming babies!

One of Tessa’s friends is Juliette. I think she is one of Tessa’s favorites. She always has been. When they were really little, Tessa liked to sit near Juliette at the gym. At the party on Saturday, she wanted to hang out with Juliette and follow her around the park! I am very happy with Tessa’s choice of friends so early on. Juliette has a calm, sweet spirit and has great parents. I definitely approve of this friendship!

This was a really fun day to celebrate our babies and catch up with each others’ lives. Tessa crashed as soon as she was in her car seat, she was so worn out!

Next up, Ventura birthday party with Dad’s family!


  1. Happy Birthday to the little one!

  2. What terrific photos! She is so happy! Happy birthday indeed!