Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One Month Birthday!

Happy One Month Birthday sweet little Tessa Bear!

At one month:
• You want to be held all day long! You sleep so peacefully in my arms, but the second you are in your bassinet or lounger, you wake up immediately! You don’t like for Mommy to have her attention taken away from you!

• You fight off sleep during the day and re-open your eyes as you start to drift off as if you’re checking to make sure I’m still holding you and you aren’t missing out on anything interesting!
• You are a great sleeper at night, and have been since day one. Even though you want to be held all day, you go right down at night. You wake up about twice each night to eat, and then go right back to bed.
• You have become a good eater. This was our greatest challenge this month, but now we are starting to get into a rhythm. We both had a lot to learn this month!
• You smile and laugh in your sleep and while nursing! The awake smiles are coming more and more often, but as soon as I get the camera, you furl your brow at me!
• You make little squeaking sounds and Daddy says you’re his little seahorse!
• You love to be outdoors. We take a lot of walks, and even went down to the bay this week! When you get fussy during the day, I can take you out on the patio where the fresh air calms you down and you rest so peacefully.

• Daddy cheers every time you have a poopy diaper, which is very regularly!

• You love to suck and enjoy your Soothie pacifiers.

• You have met so many friends already! Your new baby friends include Abby, Aiden, David, Juliette, and Serenity.

• You had your starring moment on PregTASTIC episode 172 when Mommy and Daddy got to brag all about you!

• Your mommy and daddy love you more than we ever could have imagined!


  1. She's just precious! I know...it's it crazy how you can get SOOO excited over poopy diapers??? Who would have ever thought! LOL!

  2. Awww, she is so adorable! I love that pic with all the newborn babies. You made it through your first month! Woo-hoo!