Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sleep Deprived

When I first announced that I was having a baby, I was told by several people that pregnancy sleep would be some of the best sleep I'd ever get. I don't know if they were blatantly lying or if they just didn't remember pre-baby sleep, but I am not sleeping well at all. It seems to get worse every day. Between my sore hips and shoulders and not being able to lay on either my stomach or back, I spend my nights tossing and turning. Frequent bathroom trips don't help either!
Yesterday, I was at the point where I had a constant headache and my shoulder and back muscles were all tense. I was in desperate need of some good rest! Look what Ryan built for me!

He created a pillow ramp so I could rest on my back without the baby laying on my sciatic nerve! I read about two pages of my new book and was quickly asleep! I slept for two straight hours of peaceful rest! Thank you babe!

Later in the evening, Ryan fell asleep on the couch. I had to take this picture of him! He is slowing adopting my pregnancy habits! It's so cute to see him sleeping with his legs propped like I always do! As long as his belly doesn't grow like mine, I kind of like him adopting my pregnancy symptoms and habits!


  1. Whoever told you that was LYING!!!! As you well know now.

  2. They were lying! I couldn't sleep at all pregnant. So uncomfortable and I was hot and sweaty. Then when I did fall asleep I had crazy dreams about not taking care of my baby.