Friday, January 1, 2010

Remembering 2009

I found an app on Facebook that made a collage of random pictures I uploaded in 2009. I really loved looking back on this year and remembering all of the fun times I had! Starting in the top right hand corner:
1. Dancing with my husband in Las Vegas during our trip for Jamie's 30th Birthday
2. Convinced Ryan to run the Carlsbad 5000 with me and a couple of friends
3. Dinner with my Coffee Talk girls at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obisbo
4. Coffee Talk lunch in Moro Bay
5. Vacationing with my nephews - lots of time in the "lousy" river!
6. Maui ~ on the road to Hana
7. Getting ready to go dancing in Las Vegas for Jamie's birthday
8. Old church in Maui ~ after spending the morning snorkeling
9. Posing with the Birthday Girl in Vegas!
10. Coffee Talk girls in SLO
11. Cousins Ronnie and Mia had a baby girl!
12. Ryan jumping into the Venus Pool in Maui
13. A day on the California Delta while visiting Stephanie after 7 years without seeing her!
14. Drums of the Pacific Luau in Maui
15. The BEST part of 2009 ~ Seeing pictures of our sweet baby girl!!
16. Hiking Cowles Mountain with Ryan

We had a great year, despite all of the ups and downs the economy handed us. Here's to an even better 2010! With our special sweet one coming in March, it's bound to be a year of challenges and unspeakable joy!

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  1. Love the collage! Wishing you a very happy new year and many blessings to come :) Becky