Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My First Bump Picture

I have been desperate to take a picture of my slowly growing belly. Ryan says I should just be happy with my body now, since "this baby is going to RUIN your body!" Don't worry, he is always very loving when he tells me that! Today I wore a particularly belly-enhancing outfit on purpose with the hopes of getting a belly pic. Here it is: Baby at 18 weeks!

I don't look too pregnant yet, but I really wanted to take a bump picture!! Ryan created the background. Is anyone surprised he wanted the Chargers blanket hanging behind my first bump pic?
So, there it is, friends and family who don't get to see my growth. Not much, but we're getting there!


  1. THANK YOU!!! I've been thinking about you and your precious bump! Not surprised by the Chargers background. I also live with an obsessive husband... Alanna & Luke "watched" Star Wars the first hours they were home from the hospital to "start their education off right!" And my son is named Luke!

    Love you Krista!

  2. You look so cute! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog :) I'm going to add you to my "baby momma's" list! I can't wait to find out what your having for sure!

    <3 Bon