Friday, September 11, 2009

Teacher Bias

Today I did something no good teacher should ever do. I used my own bias to sway my students' decision! Every year, my class participates in Scholastic's Classrooms Care. If we read 100 books, one million books will be donated to children in need. This year the Manning brothers are sponsoring the program. Each class gets to choose to be on Team Peyton or Team Eli. We have a poster to track our progress with a picture of the selected Manning brother. As a true San Diego Chargers fan, I can never in any way stand behind Eli Manning. I REFUSE to hang his picture in my classroom!! So, when my class voted for the team we'd like to be on, I made sure they knew I DO NOT like Eli Manning. Funny thing, the vote was almost unanimous for Peyton!!

* I have to say that even though I don't like Eli, I am glad he has the heart to donate time and money for children!!

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  1. It is so funny what an influence we adults can have on children sometimes. I don't blame you on this one at's football and it is serious business ;)