Monday, February 28, 2011

Eleven Months!

Eleven Months! I can't believe I'm already writing about you as an eleven month old. Time is flying, and you are getting so big! Here's what you've been busy doing this month:
• You crawl in your sleep! When you are in bed with us, we’ll wake up in the middle of the night to you crawling around on the bed. I often have to move you between us to keep you from crawling into the wall!
• You learned not to crawl past the edge of the bed. I am so happy that you discovered that there is a long fall at the edge of the bed. You now stop as soon as you get to the edge. You like to drop things off the edge and watch them fall!

• You have started to sleep on pillows. You’ll crawl up on top of the pillows in the middle of the night and flop down to sleep there!
• You had your first swimming lesson! Daddy and I both got to go in the pool with you and swim around. You loved it!
• Your first tooth is finally breaking through!

• You love to climb into anything you can! I’ve found you in your toy box, the laundry basket, pretty much anything you can get to before Daddy and I catch you!
• You have started to imitate mine and Daddy’s movements. When you hug Daddy, you pat him on the back. You help me brush my hair in the morning, and then you comb your own hair!

• You took a step while playing with Daddy and Uncle Robbie! I screamed when I saw you, which made you sit down to look at me instead of continue walking.

• At the playground, you love the slide! You climb the steps on your own, then wait for me to help you down the slide!
• You are really starting to understand “no” and almost always follow directions when I tell you to do something.
• You FINALLY like blueberries! I think I've tried them 8-9 different times in different ways, and now you like them whole! Yea!

• You love to toast while eating! We often stop in the middle of meals to “cheers” each other!
Next month at this time I'll be writing about my one year old daughter. I can't believe you have grown so much. I especially can't believe how much my love for you continues to grow!

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  1. She is SOOOOOOOOOO Cute. I wish I could meet her.