Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Heart Baking!

No apology for the cheesy title, after all, I am a Johnson girl through and through, and we love puns!

Now, I'm no Bakerella, but I love baking none the less. So, when I heard that Summer's Cakes was hosting a Summer Bake-Off, I was inspired to get in the kitchen and try something I've been holding on to for a few months. For Valentine's Day, one of my students gave me an adorable heart-shaped cake pan.

I went with Strawberry Cake for a couple of reasons. First of all, I've never eaten strawberry cake, since my mom doesn't like anything strawberry-flavored. Secondly, my husband LOVES strawberry-flavored things. But, most of all, because of the shape, I HAD to bake a pink cake!

Doesn't it look so cute! I have such high hopes at this point in the game!

It came out of the pan nicely. I love the quilted top and squiggly sides! So fun!

Here is the final frosted and sprinkled product. It was kind of a let down for me, as I had great visions for this cake! Any suggestions on how I could "cuten up" the cake after it is baked would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Love, love, love it!!! Looks so good! :D

  2. That looks GREAT!!! I Love it!!!! I want a piece???

  3. can i please try some???? grrrrreat job!

  4. I love your blog...
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  5. I just found a heart shaped pan at a thrift store. I need to try it out! Nice job.

  6. This cake is so cute! I love it.