Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baby Day

I got to spend time with some of my friends' babies yesterday! Our friends, Colin and Lauren, just had a sweet baby girl a couple of weeks ago. I have been dying to see her, and we finally met up yesterday for some margaritas and sunshine in Downtown. She is so sweet and tiny! I loved getting to hold her, dance, and sing with her!

After we left Downtown, Ryan and I went to visit the Kilbrides for swimming and BBQ. Their little guy came into the pool with us for a little while. Another fun opportunity for me to hang with a baby! I love this time in life, where so many of my friends are having little ones for me to hold, cuddle, play with, and never change a diaper!

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  1. Cute blog!!

    As for the mugs...I really like mugs, too. I don't buy many but I always want the fun ones. I don't let myself get them cause it would get out of control!