Monday, May 19, 2008

CTR ~ Lake Tahoe!

Nine short years ago, I was a student at Simpson University. While there, I built some life-long friendships with an amazing group of ladies. Every week, we would get together over coffee just to talk, decompress, plan weddings, share dreams, and just be together. We called those special times together "Coffee Talk." Now, we try to get together once a year for our "Coffee Talk Reunion," or CTR. This year, only 5 1/2 were able to make it to Tahoe. The 1/2 is Naomi's youngest son!! How fun to have a little guy there! As far as I know, he is the only male to ever officially attend a CTR, lucky guy! Here are some pictures of my lovely ladies and the beautiful setting in which we enjoyed our weekend:

All the Girls

Lindsey, Kristy, and I at the lake

Naomi and her little one

Lindsey relaxing at the lake

Beautiful view

Tall pines around the lake

I had such a wonderful weekend! I look forward to next year's reunion and hope more of us can make it!

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  1. Ah, Krista that is awesome. It is so neat that you all are still getting together every year for a reunion. What great memories. It was fun to see pictures of everyone. I haven't seen in such awhile. Y'all are so beautiful!
    Where did you go? Was that here in Redding? If you all come up this way again, I would love to see you! My house is always open for visitors!