Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another Day, Another A

I love that saying, possibly coined by my dear friend Julia (I've never heard anyone else use it!). I am so happy to be back in my classroom. After two excruciatingly long days crammed in an auditorium with 400 other "potentially" laid-off teachers, four attorneys, a judge, and the faithful court reporter, I returned to my classroom to read a great sub report about my fantastic students! Gosh, I love those kiddos! That was just the reminder I needed after our two ridiculous days of hearings! I still love my job, even with the nasty politics getting in the way of the good things we do at our schools.

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  1. Oh goody. I say tongue-in-cheek that I'm tired of politics and being underpaid so I'm going to be a public school teacher.